OpenFOAM release notes for version 1.7.0


OpenFOAM-1.7.0 is the latest release of OpenFOAM that contains new features both from OpenCFD’s development version of OpenFOAM and the repository 1.6.x distribution. This release passes our standard tests and the tutorials have been broadly checked. Please report any bugs by following the link:

GNU/Linux version

This release of OpenFOAM is distributed primarily in 2 ways: (1) as a Debian pack containing binaries and source; (2) from a source code repository.

The Ubuntu/Debian pack is available for 32 and 64 bit versions of the 10.04 LTS operating system using the system compiler and libraries that will be installed automatically from standard Debian packs.

To use the source version, we provide a source pack of third-party packages that can be compiled on the user’s system. This does not include gcc, since the system installed version is typically sufficient, but includes paraview-3.8.0, openmpi-1.4.1, scotch_5.1, metis-5.0pre2, ParMetis-3.1 and ParMGridGen-1.0.

Library developments

There have been a number of developments to the libraries to support the extension of functionality in solver and utility applications.

Core library

Turbulence modelling

Thermo-physical Models

There has been a set of developments to redefine the thermodynamics in some solvers in terms of sensible enthalpy instead of total (i.e. including chemical) enthalpy. This was done to improve the handling of thermodynamics in the case of partially-premixed or non-premixed combustion systems, or to handle systems with non-unity Lewis number.


Dynamic Mesh



A number of new solvers have been developed for a range of engineering applications. There has been a set of improvements to certain classes of solver that are introduced in this release.

New Solvers

Modifications to multiphase and buoyant solvers

Modifications to solvers for sensible enthalpy

Modifications to steady-state compressible solvers

Other modifications

Boundary conditions

New boundary conditions have been introduced to support new applications in OpenFOAM.


There have been some utilities added and updated in this release.

New utilities

Updated utilities


Post-processing has been extended particularly to function objects, the on-the-fly post-processing system.

New tutorials

There is a large number of new tutorials to support the new solvers in the release.