Download OpenFOAM® v2.0.1

Download OpenFOAM® v2.0.1

This page is an archive of download instructions for an old version of OpenFOAM. To download the latest version of OpenFOAM, click here.

Ubuntu Deb Pack

Version 2.0.1, released 04/08/11, updated periodically
The Ubuntu Deb pack is a good option for a user that wants to install OpenFOAM on a personal computer on which they have Ubuntu Linux running either as the native operating system or within a virtual machine. The pack contains both source code and binaries and includes a list of dependent system software which can be installed automatically to reduce the system administration overhead. It is therefore the simplest installation option, making it the ideal choice for those people with no experience of Linux. The pack is updated periodically to incorporate new features and bug fixes.

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Version 2.0.1, released 04/08/11, updated periodically
OpenFOAM is also released as a source/binary pack for SuSE Linux. It is a little more difficult to install than the Ubuntu pack (above) because not all the dependent software are available as standard SuSE packages, so some additional administration effort is required.

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Source Pack

Version 2.0.1, released 04/08/11
This source pack distribution allows compilation a wide range of Linux distributions and versions used by OpenFOAM users running on personal computers, clusters, high-performance machines, etc. This installation requires some knowledge of Linux system administration, particularly to ensure that dependent software, e.g. compilers and libraries, are installed correctly. The source pack comes with a pack of third-party software that is used by OpenFOAM.

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