OpenFOAM Development

OpenFOAM Development

OpenFOAM is a very large piece of software in a complex area of scientific application. Many thousands of people from industry, government laboratories, academic institutions, etc., download OpenFOAM and use it for free. With such a large user base, working potentially in safety-critical applications, the management and distribution of OpenFOAM is a major responsibility.

The OpenFOAM Foundation are the gatekeepers of the source code of OpenFOAM. They manage the source of the latest public repository release. Most updates to that release arise from issues submitted to the bug reporting system, that are primarily fixed by the core developers of OpenFOAM, but are occasionally fixed through patches submitted by other followers of the bug reporting system.

OpenFOAM is developed, maintained and managed by a long-term, core team that includes: Henry Weller, the code’s creator and OpenFOAM project co-founder; Chris Greenshields and Mattijs Janssens, OpenFOAM project co-founders ; Andy Heather, Will Bainbridge, Sergio Ferraris at OpenCFD Ltd. When major developments are sufficiently complete and reliable, they are transferred to the Foundation to become part of the new version of OpenFOAM, distributed free to the public.

From time to time, The Foundation collaborates with trusted developers from outside of the core OpenFOAM team. Those developers are granted access to the incomplete development repository but must:

  • have sufficient experience and skill in programming, numerics and science;
  • work closely with the OpenFOAM Team;
  • have demonstrated commitment to OpenFOAM.

The OpenFOAM Foundation is committed to maintain the high quality associated with the OpenFOAM software. All code contributions must conform to the software quality standards described on the Foundation’s Contributions pages.