OpenFOAM® Documentation

OpenFOAM®  Documentation

User Guide

The documentation consists firstly of a User Guide that contains information about the general running of OpenFOAM, I/O data structures, compilation, applications, libraries, mesh generation, post-processing and more.
The User Guide can be obtained in the following ways:

The PDF version of the User Guide, English PDF is also supplied in the doc directory of the OpenFOAM distribution.

C++ Source Guide

The C++ Source Guide, generated by Doxygen has links to source code, inheritance and collaboration diagrams, and more.
The C++ source guide can be generated within the OpenFOAM installation by simply executing “doxygen” from within the doc directory of the OpenFOAM distribution.
Click C++ Source Guide (HTML) to access the generated source documentation on this site.

Other Documentation

Linux OpenFOAM Guide: Information and example terminal commands for Linux, relevant to users of OpenFOAM.

Guide to Tensor Mathematics relevant to computational fluid dynamics.

OpenFOAM is open source. The source code of OpenFOAM is a vital source of documentation in itself. As well as the actual code itself, most applications, for example, contain descriptions of what they do, there are descriptions of various models with supporting references, etc..

The use of most applications can be learnt by looking at the corresponding example case in the $FOAM_TUTORIALS directory in the OpenFOAM release. The Allrun scripts show how many applications are executed.

Archived Documentation

Documentation of older versions of OpenFOAM is archived on this site. Archives are available for: