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0001335OpenFOAM[All Projects] Bugpublic2014-06-30 12:522015-01-21 05:31
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Platformlinux mint 15 PCOSOtherOS Version(please specify)
Product Version2.3.x 
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Summary0001335: cyclicACMI BC fail to keep constant T for buoyantBoussinesqFoam solver
DescriptionI tried to use the new cyclicACMI BC for creating a AMI between to compartment using the buoyantBoussinesqFoam solver.

To test this, I have modified the oscillatingInletACMI2D tutorial so it can be run with buoyantBoussinesqFoam.

Although the solver indeed runs, there seem to be an error at the blockage cell which should keep a zero gradient for the T field. The case was set up to to be fully adiobatic with a constant temperature inlet and zeroGradient fluxes everywhere, still the cell at the AMI boundary which has a partial cyclicAMCI connection and is partially block seem to be incorrect as the temperature is about 200 C below the inlet temperature. This incorrect cell in its turn affects the whole temperature field downstream. The two images included in the system directory give an impression of th global temperature field and the local temperature field near the mesh cell near the corner.
Steps To ReproduceThe modified oscillatingInletACMI2D tutorial case is included to this post, which can be run with Allrun which makes the mesh and should laucnh buoyantBoussinqPimpleFoam. The png image of the resulting temperature field after 5 s is given in the sytem directory.
Additional InformationSeveral ddt and div schemes were tried in order to fix the problem with the temperature, but none of them can fix the problem. Also some variations with the AMI_blockage boundary were tried (zeroGradient, fixedValue), but all yield the low temperature near the corner cell.
Attached Filestgz file icon oscillatingInletACMI2D-buoyantBoussinesqFoam.tgz [^] (60,493 bytes) 2014-06-30 12:52

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scurry (reporter)
2015-01-21 05:31

Additionally to buoyantBoussinesqPimple solver, as eelcovv issued at first, compressible solver also has a similar result. At the corner of two coupled interfaces, every field goes wrong.
Since T,p & rho etc are coupled, rhoPimpleDyMFoam (or rhoPimpleFoam) always solves in a wrong way!

As I experimented, the issue might be the AMI-interpolation especially at the corner of non-conformal mesh.
I made the conformal mesh by modifying the orignal blockMeshDict in oscillatingInletACM2D tutorial. In this mesh system, rhoPimpleFoam gives a reasonable simulation!!!

I really need someone help.

Thanks in advance.


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